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Finance Options

Where the funding of capital expenditure is concerned, it is rare these
days even for cash rich companies to rely solely on their own resources
and they frequently turn to a variety of borrowing options to spread the
costs of equipment over its normal working life. From small/medium-sized
enterprises and large multinational companies, to public sector
organisations and local authorities, Forklift Services UK Ltd have a finance product to suit.


Making use of finance products can help you in a number of ways:

* Budgeting becomes simple as payments are fixed avoiding unexpected expenses.

* Cash that would have been used for an outright purchase can be kept within the
business for other worthwhile investments.

* Lines of credit with other financial institutions can be preserved


Contract Hire allows easy budgeting - you know what you have to pay, allowing you to plan ahead and control costs.

Complete Package
Includes delivery, maintenance, service and repairs, removing the worry and expense.

Off-balance sheet finance
On qualifying agreements, the outstanding rentals are not shown as liabilities on the customers balance sheet, and therefore do not adversely impact the gearing ratios.
100% rental allowable against tax. Improvement of financial ratios such as gearing and return on capital.

Hire Purchase - Ownership at the end of the agreed term


Customer retains 100% of any future sale proceeds.

Negotiable deposit

Reduced amount paid out up front, which means the customer retains money for other areas of the business.

Entitlement to writing down allowances

Customer pays less to the taxman.

Agreement is secured on the asset being financed

There is no need to provide additional security.


Fixed term/rate

Flexible tailored finance to suit your your needs. You know exactly what you have to pay and when, allowing you to plan ahead and retain control.

*for advice, please consult your professional tax advisor. We do not provide tax and accounting advice.

Finance Lease - Simple and quick to arrange


Less time wasted, more time for you to concentrate on your business.

Two attractive options at the end of the agreement

Gives the customer options at the end of the agreement allowing them to base their decision on market conditions at the time. They can either continue use of the equipment, or sell the equipment and receive the benefits of the sales proceeds as a rebate.

Customer Control

Customer responsible for maintenance, repair, service and insurance.

Secondary lease period available

Nominal rentals beyond the end of the agreement allowing customers to continue using the vehicle - further flexibility to suit the customer.


100% rental allowable against tax. Improvement of financial ratios such as gearing and return on capital.

Customer profits from the sale of the asset

The customer acts as the sales agent, obtaining the majority of the proceeds, ideal for the deposit on their next purchase.

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